Amber AV was stuck in a rut and we had almost started to lose a little of our enthusiasm for what we do. Then along came Number78. Not only have they enabled us to re-focus and look at our business from a different perspective but also given our passion back. Number78 were very quick to absorb our company’s set-up and also some of our industry, as well as being very proactive and animated in the way they discussed our business, perhaps a little of their passion has rubbed off on us. With their assistance we have re-gained a clear roadmap of what our goals are and how we can achieve them. The future is exciting again.
— Amber AV


To put Amber back in control after a period of major change. To enable them to stay ahead of changes within the sector and develop their strategy accordingly. To improve their margin & turnover.

What we did

Road mapped the business over 1, 3 & 5 years. Re-defined marketing strategy, overhauled documents & re-focused brand identity.


3 new contracts within 6 weeks, a clearly defined plan with supporting documents and a brand identity that everyone understood and bought into. Achievement of margin target.

Working with Number78 has been a total eye opener for me. It’s as if someone has turned a light on and shown me how simple it is to run my business more effectively. Not once have I felt out of my depth by any complicated business language or made to feel stupid for my lack of business knowledge. I truly feel they have worked on my level and everything has been black and white. All my targets have been realistic and have spurred me on and given me a new confidence. I have actually enjoyed the process and am excited to see what the future holds for my company. I can not recommend Number78 highly enough.


To increase the amount of students.

What we did

Road mapped the company for the next 3 years, worked through a re-brand, reviewed and refined web content, devised marketing strategy, overhauled documents.