Programmes and Services

Whether your business is a start up or an established enterprise, we offer a variety of programmes tailored for businesses at different stages in their growth.

The programmes are designed specifically in both level of detail and budget so that you get a programme that is delivered at your level, at your pace, in a language you understand. 



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A 8hr programme for start-ups & sole traders. Specifically designed to not overwhelm, It's to review where you are, address some issues or challenges you're facing and build you a practical plan to get you moving forward. It may scale back the detail but packs a mean punch.



Does everything the MOT lite does but in more detail and provides more coaching time and delivers more detail in the roadmap. 

A 2 day intensive - perfect if you're in need of short, sharp injection of perspective, inspiration, momentum and planning.

Sounds good?  Read on.


Planning Made Easy - Future proof your business in 30 days

This is a planning programme that delves deeper into your business and offers more mentoring, coaching & training time, particularly if you have a team to engage. 

Sort your strategic plan out, get all your documents in order and tackle some of the challenges that are holding you back.  

Great for businesses who need a change of direction - great for getting businesses out of a rut.

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Improve Performance & Profit in 60 days 

Whatever your business, this is our most comprehensive programme.  This is where we become more like a regular consultant.  You've more than likely got a specific project that you need to deliver or you've hit a time and place where default behaviours and culture need to change. 



Business Fusion Course

A 2 day course that brings the head and heart of business together.

By combining business psychology and strategic planning this course shows you how to plan big, think big & act big.  If you've got big ideas but feel that something is holding you back then this is for you.  

This course is delivered by Number78 & Philippa Levinson - Life Fusion.