Maximise Performance & Profit in 60 days

Maximise Performance & Profit in 60 days


For visitor attraction sites and organisations who want to increase revenue from their commercial activities. 

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This programme is for visitor attraction sites and organisations who want to increase revenue from their commercial activities but are battling to achieve or improve KPIs and maximise profit through visitor conversions.  It's for sites who want to consolidate all their commercial ideas regards business development and who also want to receive coaching in areas where there are skill or experience gaps.

In 60 days you'll clarify your vision and your brand, and consolidate your commercial activity into one plan that never loses sight of your vision, KPIs, deadlines and project responsibilities.  You'll also have updated strategy documents that support your plan and ensure maximum team engagement.

Skill & experience gaps will be addressed through a series of best practice and masterclass coaching sessions that are targeted specifically for your needs.  


It's an 8 week programme that is designed to :-

1        Identify and prioritise activity that is going to give you the biggest return in profit.

2        Align your commercial business activity with your vision & brand.

3        Provide you with a complete roadmap plan that's easy to use day to day and is designed to keep individuals and teams focussed.

4        Build your skill set & knowledge by completing 2 half day masterclasses & 5 best practice coaching sessions.

5        Provide you with strategy documents.


6        Provide you with a framework that will work for future planning years and an enhanced skill set to ensure forward momentum.


Masterclass & Coachingmodule examples:-

Time management                                                               Brand

Team engagement                                                               PR & Marketing

Year calendar planning                                                       Understanding Target Market

Systems                                                                                  KPIs & reporting




Programme schedule

Wk 1 - 2 day intensive (Day 1 - diagnostics, Day 2 - building roadmap)

Wk2 - 2hr best practice session

Wk3 – 3.5hr masterclass

Wk4 - 2hr best practice session

Wk 5 - 2hr best practice session

Wk6 - 3.5hr masterclass

Wk7 - 2hr best practice session

Wk8 - 2hr best practice session


2hr follow up session after 6 months