Two-day intensive

Who is it for?

If you feel like your business is dragging you along for the ride, or you can't see the wood for the tress, then the Business MOT is for you.

We can come in and make sense of all of your ideas, and give you a plan to where you want to be - within time and within budget.

This is a short, targeted programme which aligns all your business activity with your vision of where you want your business to be. In just two days you will transform from a fire-fighting, harrassed business owner into an empowered, strategic entrepreneur.

It's ideal for those:- 

  • who want to consolidate fragments of existing plans into one master plan

  • those who are struggling to organise their development ideas into a coherent structure

  • businesses stuck in a rut or at a plateau

  • businesses battling to find time to dedicate to longer term planning


It's a two day intensive programme that is designed to:

  • Identify all the activity that should be top priority to give you the biggest return in profit
  • Align your business activity with your vision and brand
  • Give you a structured, prioritised strategic plan that's easy to use day-to-day, and is designed to keep both individuals and teams focused





We offer a variety of payment plans to help with cash flow


DAY 1 – Business Analysis & Diagnostics

DAY 2 – Building your Roadmap (covering next 12 months of activity)

6 MONTHS LATER - 2hr follow-up session



  • Completed, bespoke roadmap plan
  • Confident, happy business owner
  • Strategic documents framework