Women in Business - #IWD2017

To celebrate International Women's day on 8th March, Number78 are dedicating the whole of March to all things Womankind.  That's women who inspire us, challenges faced by women in business but also a celebration of the £7.2 billion contribution that 'Mumpreneurs' make to the British economy. 

Back in January we were in London on the day of the Women's March and it was amazing to see so many people - men, women & children, gathered in Trafalgar Square to show their support for women's rights globally.  It was a great atmosphere and a reminder that many things still need to be fought for and against.

Recently at a networking event someone questioned whether women still need to be empowered in this day and age. I don't need to answer that but here at Number78 we're passionate about supporting the women out there running their own businesses.  Whether they are just starting out or facing challenges further down the line, we're here to help them grow.  

We all know the challenges we face on a daily basis, in all sorts of guises but if you do one thing today, it's step back from being your harshest critic and reflect on what you, your fellow woman does day in, day out.   

We'd like to celebrate all the labour - local, global, emotional,  seen, unseen, paid & unpaid that women contribute to our communities and economy.