The Value of Roadmapping

Anyone who has met us will know that we structure all of what we do around Roadmapping.  We value it so highly that I'd say we're bordering on evangelical about it. It's not usually a word I'd feel proud about using but having a business roadmap will stand you apart from your competition, make you more successful and make you more money. Yes, you read that correctly - make you more money.

If you're in the category of thinking that taking the time out to write down your goals and committing your ambitions to paper isn't worth the effort, then read on.

Harvard Business School is extremely difficult to get into and if you are accepted onto their MBA programme then you'll already be extremely successful and have a very savvy business brain. However, a study showed that 3% of graduates earned a whopping 10 times more than the other 97% combined because they had written down clear, specific goals.

That's a massive return for simply getting your thoughts straight and written up into a plan.

Sounds too simple?  What's the catch?  Honestly, there isn't one. It really is that simple.

The roadmap version we use is a one page document. Doesn't get much more simple than that and to quote Albert Einstein "if you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself".

So what exact!y is a roadmap - well it's not an actual map.

It is -

a summary of what you're activity is going to be over the next year, to reach your end goal or vision

clearly stating how you're going to measure the success of that activity,

what the deadlines are

and who owns the activity. 

Not only is Roadmapping an extremely powerful and useful planning tool, freeing up creative energy by minimising the amount of reactive energy you waste by winging it, it is also a powerful visualisation tool.  By being able to set down your goals and what you need to do to acheive them, is the first step in visualisation.  If you follow that up by creating vivid imagery by imagining those activities going perfectly to plan and rehearsing them in your mind then you're expanding the scope of what's possible, which drives you forward and boosts your confidence. How many times have we faced things for the first time thinking them to be insurmountable only to find with experience that they're not. Confidence and performance through visualisation is well documented, especially in sport.  Sports psychologists have found that visual rehearsals trigger neural firings in the muscles that create a mental blueprint that can ultimately enhance future performance. The roadmap is no different, it is the first step in building that mental blueprint, building your confidence and skill even before you've begun.

Once again, not a bad return for taking some time out to get this stuff sorted. So next time you're saying that you don't have enough time to think ahead or couldn't possibly schedule a few days away from your business to plan it's future because you are far too busy, think again.